Project Genesis: 3D Printer

As I learn Mechatronics and Robotics in school, I sought to be able to create my own for experimentation purposes (To play actually). But in Singapore where I live, Space is a valued treasure and I have no means of Fabricating my ideas into reality. Hence the drive for a 3D Printer. Here are my documentations on my journey designing and building my own.


1. Requirements

Introduction One of the things I am passionate about is Robotics. I want to apply whatever I learnt in school…

2. Ditched Draft Designs

It’s been twice I had to change the design philosophy of the 3D printer I’m designing. It’s going to be…

3. Iteration 4

I decided to experiment a design with a “flying X-Y-Z gantry” design where by the X-axis moves along the Z-axis with the Z-axis moving along the Y-axis.

5. Iteration 4 Mk 2

Previously I stated that the Iteration 4 needs change especially for the Y-Axis Gantry Block/Assembly. Here logs the design choices I made in redesigning the assembly to accommodate 2 linear bearing blocks on each sides instead of 1. Minor redesigning also included.


Coming Soon…

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