CUDA is a parallel computing platform and programming model that makes using a GPU for general purpose computing simple and elegant. 

Here Documents my journey in learning of Accelerated Computation using CUDA. I use “CUDA By Example”. This book was written at the time when it was CUDA 3.0. As of writing is excerpt, it was already CUDA 10.

With the little background I have in C++, I will also adapt the given examples in the book to my understanding using libraries also used in basic C++.

I want to share what I have learnt and understood. From the documentation of having build a DIY PC specifically to learn and use CUDA to doing mini-projects, here is my journey…….

Prerequisite: Setup


Before I could get started learning CUDA, I have to build a personal computer from scratch. Why? My previous setup…

Introduction to CUDA

First Program

Using Visual Studio 2017, Create new project under CUDA10.0 Runtime. For now, all programs will be written in the…

Data Manipulation

Lets have another example similar to that in the previous section. However this time, we will have the operations done…

Device Properties

Since we will be allocating memory in the Device and executing codes on our Devices, it would be very useful…

Querying Device Properties

Let us have an example below. #include “cuda_runtime.h” #include “device_launch_parameters.h” #include <stdio.h>#include <iostream>using namespace std; int main() { cudaDeviceProp deviceProp;…

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