C and C++ are a good starting point for Robotics. Why? Because a lot of hardware libraries use these languages. They allow interaction with low level hardware, real time performance and are matured programming languages. These days, you’ll probably use C++ more than C, because the language has much more functionality. C++ is basically an extension of C.

It can be useful to learn at least a little bit of C first, so that you can recognize it when you find a hardware library written in C. C/C++ are not as simple to use as, say, Python or MATLAB.

It can take quite a lot longer to implement the same functionality using C and it will require many more lines of code. However, as robotics is very dependent on real time performance, C and C++ are probably the closest thing that we Roboticists have to “a standard language”.


2. I/O & Variables

This chapter will discuss on the topics of Variables and in doing so how to prompt user for data input.…

3. Data Types

Introduction A Data Type refers to the type of data that a variable can contain. A variable of integer data…

4. Arithmetic Operations

Here we will discuss another basic concept. Operators are how one manipulates data and values.

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