Abdul Lutfi

I am Abdul Lutfi. I had my Diploma in Mechatronics and Robotics in Singapore Polytechnic. 

My passion for Mechatronics and Robotics started from the day I got my first Gundam Mecha toy when I was a child as a birthday gift.

Areas I am obsessed with include Advanced Manufacturing, Legged Robots, Parallel Computation (CUDA) and computer vision.

I am also a part-time (freelance….) Instructor teaching young Students concepts and basics of programming a robot. Passionate, I really love to share and educate young people on the possibilities robotics can and will bring to the future. 

I did say I love to educate young people! Students after all are a subset of people in general. My passion in educating people is not limited to the field of robotics only but also Nature Conservation. 

A volunteer with the NUS Toddycats, I helped out in outreach and educating people young and old on the importance of conserving the local biodiversity here in Singapore. It is also through volunteerism with them that I aim to further my understanding of not only Nature as a whole but also how animals live and Move around.

I hope that my efforts will allow me to delve deeper in creating Nature-Inspired Robots for not only mankind’s benefit but also Gaia herself.

Starting from scratch, I need to even build up my inventory of tools required to proceed with the projects I have in mind. Here in Singapore Space is a luxury. Your donation will help me in realising my ideas into reality. 

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